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Our products are sold at some of the finest health food stores in the region. We are now offering our meat direct to our local customers in various variety packs. All meat is individually packaged in cryovac in moderate portions and quick frozen for your convenience. We generally have meat available year-round depending on the weather. Occasionally there is a waiting list for our products, but we will be happy to place you on our waiting list and you will be contacted when the meat is ready.

Our Story

ML Farms is a sixth-generation farming and ranching operation in continuous operation for over 100 years. We raise our all natural 100% Certified Grassfed beef, lamb and goat and Grasspastured pork naturally with no animal by-products, chemicals, hormones or growth accelerants. We are certified by American Grassfed Association and Global Animal Partnership. All animals are raised humanely on open pastures their entire lives. No feedlots or confinement animal feeding operations are used, ever! There is no force-feeding of grain or other feedstuffs that animals are not supposed to eat. Our animals are raised the way God intended. All pasture, all natural, all for you! Enjoy the best nature has to offer. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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